Performance in Project procurement and delivery is everything. Your reputation depends on it.

We know how to plan, team, position, procure and deliver large complex projects successfully.

With over thirty years experience planning, procuring and delivering nearly a billion dollars (USD) in contracted project sales in partnership for Fortune 500 companies, we have learned the most important prerequisite for success, is performance in project delivery.

Project delivery impacts every aspect of a business, from reputation, market share, ability to win repeat contracts, attraction and retention of talent, and the level of revenue and profit.

Reputations and relationships depend on getting the job done right first time, within scope, schedule and budget.

Our team comprises trained and experienced Market sector leaders and Project Management Professionals (PMPs)

When it comes to assessing market opportunities, many organizations provide generic information; size of the market, basic information about the competition, types of clients and reference to opportunities, with little or no details on the specifics. This is not our approach or our service model.

To help ensure quality and maximized returns on investment of resources, we deploy a team of seasoned market sector and technical project management professionals to provide reliable market intelligence and project opportunity specifics.

Unique service offering

Our unique value proposition is our ability to help our clients identify, assess, partner, position and procure strategic opportunities.

In partnership with our clients, we risk assess each opportunity using scaled risk opportunity assessments processes, tools and systems, to help ensure optimized decision quality, and to determine the type and level of resources needed to deliver success.

The methods, systems, tools, and processes we deploy, have been developed experience acquired with Fortune 500 companies. The tools are scaled to fit the business needs and the opportunity.

Project Win Plan

Working in partnership with our clients, and as an extension of our clients team, we deploy a Project Win Plan (PWP) for each opportunity or assignment. The PWP captures actionable information with deliverables and schedules, essential when committing valuable resources to plan, position, team and win the opportunity.

Whether the assignment is M&A opportunity, or the pursuit of a project or a partner, the PWP is a useful tool for capturing and centralizing important information when pursuing a must win opportunity.

In the case of a project opportunity, the PWP would include:

  • Name of the client and project, client profile showing key decision makers
  • History and performance with the client
  • Proposal/documentation submission schedules
  • Assessment of scope and schedule of the project, scope of the EOI, RFQ/RFP
  • Relevant experience assessment
  • Client relationship matrix 
  • Contract type, legalities, and risks
  • Project manager, lead. Project pursuit lead
  • Proposal development plan, compliance matrix
  • Health and Safety compliances
  • Procurement rules and regulatory compliances
  • Project resource constraints analysis 
  • Price point strategy
  • GO-NO-GO risk opportunity assessment
  • Pre RFP client meetings, project questions
  • Competitors and project incumbents, ranked by past performance
  • Vendor qualifications and relevant project experience with supporting project examples
  • Rates by discipline
  • Teaming/partnering opportunities, technical alliances
  • Project set-up and delivery
  • Project team organizational chart, showing roles skills matrix, roles and responsibilities by function
  • Technical resume development  
  • Proposal development, execution, and submission.