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We help clients achieve net zero in the built environment

Sustainable building design is not only energy-efficient and healthier for its occupants, but there are also immediate and direct benefits for the environment.

For example, by limiting our dependence on non-renewable resources, green architecture, and sustainable building design, can deliver a cleaner environment, minimize waste, and create a healthier productive building environment.

Sustainable design principles includes the ability to:

  • Optimization of site potential
  • Limit non-renewable energy consumption
  • Use environmentally friendly materials
  • Conserve energy and water
  • Enhance indoor living quality
  • Minimize operational and maintenance practices.
  • Reduce costs, and save money for occupants
  • Achieve Ecology of place and Human scaled living
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Environmentally manufacture red materials
  • Environmentally assembly and construction methods
  • Healthy interior environmental design
  • Universal access
  • Inclusion

A whole systems thinking approach is needed to design and construct buildings to achieve sustainable performance in modern building construction projects including embodied and operational carbon and energy savings.

Other considerations include:

  • Beauty aesthetics, biophilia and curbside appeal
  • Vegetation and plants
  • Educational and inspiring to the community
  • Design-build performance
  • Transportation and traffic management Site to achieve optimised traffic management performance and population work travel behaviour, limiting impact on the environment.
  • Water conversation management, water supply, treatment, and distribution to achieve
  • Net positive water.
  • Materials responsible sourcing
  • Living economy sourcing
  • Net positive waste management
  • Integrated net positive design
  • Habitat compensation and off-set
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Mixed-use designs
  • Multi-use designs
  • Geo-spatial optimization

Our team comprises project management professionals experienced in buildings science and technology and buildings systems planning and design thinking to deliver healthy, high-performance buildings

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