The Jonathan W. Rogers Water Treatment Plant, El Paso Texas

Best Engineering Excellence Award by the American Consulting Engineers Council.

Winner: Parkhill.

The City of El Paso is situated in the hot dry Chihuahuan Desert of Texas. Its economy and quality of life depend entirely on the City’s ability to deliver safe drinking water to its 150,000 residents and thousands of businesses.

Supporting a City in the desert demands responsible conservation practices. The city’s relies on three primary sources of water – the Rio Grande and two main aquifers. The City delivers the water via its non-profit Water utility, El Paso Water.

Over a decade ago, El Paso Water had a long-term plan to design-build a world class multi-barrier water supply, treatment and distribution system, to include water reclamation, water reuse, water conservation and education, and desalination. The plan of El Paso Water included the development, design and construction of the $27M Jonathan W. Rogers Water Treatment Plant. The plant is arguably one of the most advanced water treatment facilities in the World and El Paso Water is considered by many to be an international leader in water treatment, supply and distribution. The plant incorporates a number of relative industry 1sts, including, Biological activated carbon (BAC)

What makes the plant unique is the optimized use-of-space design. The plant design and construction makes the City of El Paso and El Paso Water, one of the most progressive water supply partnerships in North America.

Members of the BLP team, learned a great deal of knowledge researching the project, knowledge which can be cross pollinated to other similar projects.