Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (TMEP)

The $21BN Oil pipeline project promises to unlock new global markets for Canadian oil

The pipeline is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue each year to help fund clean energy solutions, create thousands of new jobs, and help support reconciliation efforts with Indigenous peoples, including through economic opportunities.

BLP team members have worked on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project since 2013.

The Pipeline expansion is a twinning of the existing Pipeline built in 1953 and consists of 1,150-kilometre pipeline between Strathcona County (near Edmonton), Alberta and Burnaby, BC. The pipeline system increases capacity from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day. The existing pipeline will carry refined products, synthetic crude oils, and light crude oils with the capability for heavy crude oils. The new pipeline will carry heavier oils with the capability for transporting light crude oils

  1. It will be approximately 980 km of new pipeline
  2. 73% of the route will use the existing right-of-way
  3. 16% will follow other linear infrastructure such as telecommunications, Hydro or highways and
  4. 11% will be new constructed right-of-way
  5. It will include 193 km of reactivated pipeline
  6. 12 new pump stations will be built
  7. 19 new tanks will be added to the existing storage terminals in Burnaby (14), Sumas (1) and Edmonton (4)

New berths will be constructed at Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby. Once the new berths are completed and in service, the number of tankers loaded at the Westridge Marine Terminal could increase to approximately 34 per month.

Engagement with communities, landowners, stakeholders and Indigenous communities has been ongoing since 2012 and will continue through to operations. Environmental protection plans have been developed along the entire route. Volume 5 and Volume 6 of the Facilities Application cover the environmental assessment and protection planning. We will continue to conduct field studies along the route as required.