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Who we are

The Bridgelantic Partnerships Group is an International business development and Merger and Acquisitions services provider, helping aspiring companies access funded opportunities in the Energy, Infrastructure, Mining, Manufacturing, Technology, and Government sectors.
We focus exclusively on clients interested in growing their business in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. 
Our Multi-disciplinary team comprises Market sector leaders, experts in Mergers and Acquisitions, Senior Engineers and Environmental Scientists, Project planners and procurement specialists, AI and digital transformation experts, Senior Project Managers, Market researchers and Marketeers, Business development professionals and Operations managers. 
We bring a breadth and depth of capability and experience from building, growing, launching, scaling acquiring and selling Award winning businesses and enterprises in North America and the United Kingdom.

What we do

We help our clients and partners achieve sustainable growth

We deliver an integrated program of Business development services from Strategic planning, Market assessment and positioning, Project planning, teaming and partnering, and Project procurement, as well as sourcing Joint venture partnerships, and Merger and Acquisition opportunities. 

Our team bring a breadth and depth of experience from building, acquiring, operating, and growing Award winning enterprises, clients and projects. Jacobs Engineering/CH2M, Polyflex, NPE, Coca-Cola, Go-Dovebid, WSP/Golder, BP Plastics, Shell Petro-chemicals, Suncor, BC Hydro, Enbridge, Kinder-Morgan, and many others. 

The combination of this experience, along with our ability to help our clients scale their business to achieve sustainable growth, is what sets us uniquely apart.

Signature Projects by Market Sector


We help clients navigate the global energy transition, develop new and emerging markets, and scale operations to procure and deliver new projects.

Transportation Infrastructure

The value of the North American and UK transportation infrastructure sector is worth over $20 Trillion USD, and growing.


We partner with Environmental Protection, Remediation, Waste Management and Technology practitioners, seeking to develop new markets.

Mining, Rare Earth Metals & Minerals

The rare earth elements (REE) market was valued at $10.6BN USD in 2021. It is expected to more than double in size to $22.4BN USD, by 2032.

Government and Municipal

Navigating the complex and ever-changing world of Government and Municipal laws, bylaws, policies and regulations can be daunting, which is why we’ve built a team of experts to help.


Technology has evolved from a business enabler to a critical driver for accelerating growth We’ve come a long way since the floppy disk, pager, cassette tape and the VCR.

We deliver

Intelligent solutions for smart business growth.

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