Master Mains Water System Design and Secondary Irrigation System Design

Master Mains Water System Design and Secondary Irrigation System Design, in the desert of Springville City, Utah.

This desert region nestles in the Rocky Mountains which reach to an elevation of 8,000 feet with its snow capped peaks. The valley below is 4,000 feet above sea level with less than 10 inches of annual rain fall.

Early American pioneers had a mantra to make the desert blossom as a rose and this characterized development throughout the west and is at heart the key to successful settlement and colonisation of the arid western United States. The Hoover Dam for example in the Arizona and Nevada desert supplies southern California with year round water, supporting populations of millions. The west’s colonisation began when Mormons introduced irrigation into the Great Salt Lake Basin and witnessed what seemed to be a fulfilment of Isaiah’s prophecy: arid land was miraculously transformed into cultivated gardens and orchards. Instead of yielding to the desert, the Mormons set the pattern for working to make the desert yield to man.

BLP members developed the master water study for potable and secondary irrigation supply systems in this desert city, enabling ongoing expansion and development – through the use of computer simulation modelling.