Transportation Infrastructure

The value of the North American and UK transportation infrastructure sector is worth over $20 Trillion USD, and growing.

The $20+ trillion dollar combined economies rely on a vast and complex network of critical infrastructure from roads, bridges, highways, freight rail, light rapid transit and energy-by-rail to aviation, marine terminals and ports to Hydro-electrical systems, tele-communications and fiber optical internet connections.

Much of the infrastructure that was built decades ago, has seen little or no investment over the years, yet the transportation demands on those same aging networks has increased ten-fold. Economists say that delays to replace and upgrade the infrastructure, along with rising maintenance costs, are impeding economic progress.

Civil engineers and inspectors raise safety concerns, warning that many bridges are unsafe.

Meanwhile, developing countries who have invested heavily in infrastructure spending, enjoy the benefits of modern more efficient and reliable systems, to boost and sustain their economies.

Modern reliable infrastructure is needed if growth countries are to remain competitive. National, regional and local economies, businesses and communities depend entirely on reliable transportation links.

A recent report in the US cited experts stated that U.S. infrastructure is both dangerously overstretched and lagging behind its economic competitors, particularly China. The story is similar in Canada and the UK.

The UK, U.S and Canada trail behind many other developing countries, but this is about to change.

The three major economies have committed large amounts of tax dollars and pounds to improve, maintain, operate, upgrade and build critical transportation infrastructure.

In November 2021, the US Congress approved a historic investment in U.S. infrastructure that included hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending.

The US, Canada and the UK are looking abroad to build local capacity

Across North America, project owner clients are looking to outsource more of the work. They need more resources to deliver an ever expanding schedule of transportation infrastructure projects, to build roads, bridges, highways, rail, airports, ports and marine terminals. 

Opportunities exist for Engineering, Procurement, Construction firms, (EPC) Environmental practitioners, Architects, Urban transportation planners, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydro-technical and Geo-technical Engineers, and more. 

If you are growth business seeking to position and procure new funded contracts in the US, UK and or Canada, our team can help.

We have the experience

Members of our team have directly helped some of the largest global consulting and contracting enterprises, procure and deliver over a billion dollars in Transportation Projects over the last twenty-five years in North America and the UK.

We have the breadth and depth of experience from building and leading award winning multi-disciplinary technical teams to plan, design, build, finance, maintain and operate critical public infrastructure; our airports, roads, bridges, highways, railways, and ports.

Such professionals are tasked with building transportation infrastructure projects robust enough to deal with extreme environmental events. Local and regional economies rely on reliable transportation systems to connect businesses and trade with affordable and optimized land use, as well as air and sea transportation links, and removing physical barriers to mobility and creating opportunities for growth.

Over the decades, our team has supported a multitude of small, medium and large civil transportation infrastructure initiatives, from $50K industry capacity studies to large complex $1BN P3 Rail projects, for some of the most demanding clients around the World. These projects, and our experience delivering them, have transformed communities in meaningful ways.

Our experience includes working in Partnership with the Canadian Councilor Public and Private Partnerships. This relationship has brought us into close contact with senior experienced Government and business leaders, committed to developing the most advanced PPP program in North America.

It is from this experience, we’ve developed a new P4 model for delivering complex transportation projects, which focuses on risk allocation of the parties within the concession agreement.

The team includes former senior executives, project managers, business developers and project procurement specialists with the World’s largest Transportation engineering consulting enterprises, with fiscal responsibility for $2M-100M+ business development and project delivery budgets.

The team’s experience includes planning and executing major P3 design-engineering transportation projects, for some of the earliest P3/DBFOM (Finance, develop, finance, design, construct, maintain and operate) projects in North America. Members of the team have worked for award winning global consulting engineering enterprises delivering some of the worlds most complex and challenging projects.

Much of the team’s success relied on leveraging information selected from historical project wins, to plan, pursue and ultimately win new contracts for Bridges, Major highways and Roads, Energy and Mining access roads, High-speed rail, Light Rapid Transit (LRT) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Heavy Industrial Rail (CN and CP Rail) and Energy by Rail. 

Our Transportation infrastructure project experience include some of the worlds most prestigious award winning P3 projects:

  • Calgary NW LRT, Alberta
  • Edmonton Anthony Henday ring road
  • Utah Transit Authority TRAX expansion (2002 Winter Olympics)
  • Balzac Inter-change, Alberta
  • Vancouver Evergreen LRT Project – Tunnel Preliminary Design
  • City of Calgary BRT systems planning
  • City of Vancouver multi-modal transportation management plan
  • Cross London Rail, UK 
  • Golden Ears Bridge, Vancouver
  • Teko pit route study, Alberta
  • Fraser Valley access road assessment
  • Ontario Metrolinx Rapid Transit Projects
  • City of Calgary Airport expansion
  • Mumbai Airport expansion
  • Vancouver Airport expansions
  • Panama Canal widening
  • London Olympics site restoration

Signature Transportation Projects