Hope to Merritt, British Columbia

Opportunities to provide technical flood protection

Heavy construction equipment including bulldozers, excavators, hydraulic submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps 4”-19”, filtration units, generators, hoses, pipes, fittings and fuel cells are used to install flood defense barriers to prevent or control the potential negative effects of flood waters. Traditional methods of flood defence, such as the planting of vegetation to retain water and constructing channels (floodways), have been used throughout history.

More modern flood defences can include:

  • Dams. 
  • Diversion canals. 
  • Floodplains and groundwater replenishment. 
  • River defences, e.g. levees, bunds, reservoirs, weirs, and so on. 
  • Coastal defences, e.g. groynes, sea walls, revetments, gabions, and so on. 
  • Retention ponds. 
  • Moveable gates and barriers. 

Temporary flood defences are systems that can be brought to specific problem sites to provide flood defence as required. They can then be removed until needed again, either at the same or a different location. They have no fixed foundation other than the ground on which they are based with perhaps minor pre-prepared modifications to ensure proper stability or performance of the equipment.

They might include: 

  • Metal or plastic barriers.
  • Water or sand filled containers or bags.
  • Pumps.