Energy Storage Project by ATCO Energy Solutions


The Salt Cavern Energy Storage Project by ATCO Energy Solutions in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, is a
ground-breaking facility designed to provide affordable, high-volume hydrocarbon storage. This
comprehensive project involved the creation of four new salt caverns, a surface brine storage of 600,000
m3, and product injection and retrieval facilities that can store propane, butane, and ethylene.
By developing the caverns in a geological salt layer around 1.6 km below the surface, the facility ensures
a safe and impermeable environment to store large amounts of propane, butane, and ethylene. The
strategic design of the facility also allows for efficient injection and retrieval of these products, providing
flexibility to meet energy demands and optimize supply during peak periods.

Ferus Inc.

Ferus Inc. partnered with Cosmodyne to develop an innovative straight-to-liquid nitrogen air separation
plant. Capable of producing 200 short tons of nitrogen daily, it catered specifically to the oil and gas
industry. The cutting-edge design allowed for easy relocation, minimizing infrastructure impact.

Cosmodyne’s advanced technology ensured optimal nitrogen production efficiency while adhering to
eco-friendly practices. Two facilities were constructed simultaneously in Jenkins, Kentucky, and Dawson
Creek, British Columbia. A small skilled project team executed construction for both facilities. The
Jenkins facility took a head start, streamlining the process.

The relocatable nature of the plant provided Ferus Inc. with unparalleled flexibility, enabling quick
adaptation to market demands and expansion opportunities. Sustainable operations strengthened their
corporate image.

Upon completion, Ferus Inc. established itself as a leading nitrogen supplier. The successful
collaboration between Ferus Inc. and Cosmodyne showcased groundbreaking engineering and efficient
project management, setting new industry standards.

Ferus Liquid Natural Gas

The Ferus Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Facility in Elmworth, Alberta, is a groundbreaking project designed to
produce 50,000 gallons of LNG daily. Utilizing Cosmodyne’s innovative liquefaction process with liquid
nitrogen, it is Alberta’s first commercial LNG plant. The facility’s compact design ensures a minimal
environmental footprint while meeting the growing demand for cleaner energy.

Through its collaboration with Cosmodyne, a leading expert in liquefaction technology, the Ferus LNG
Facility ensures efficient, safe, and cost-effective operations. The facility aims to supply LNG for
industrial and commercial applications in Alberta and beyond by tapping into the region’s abundant
natural gas resources.