The Bridge River Power Transmission Project

The BC Hydro Bridge River Transmission Project is a project designed to reduce constraints by building redundancy and capacity to off-set peak demands in the power transmission grid of the Province of British Columbia. 

In summer 2022, the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) conducted field visits to advance the design of leading engineering alternatives.

The fieldwork included a technical assessment of the structures requiring modification, replacement or upgrade, including roads to access the structures for operations and maintenance. 

The work involved geo-technical engineering surveys, as well as environmental and archaeological assessments. Vegetation was removed to ensure access and a right-of-way.

Senior BLP members were directly involved in the project procurement phase, as well as structuring and negotiating the terms of the contract and building the inter-disciplinary delivery team. The work involved close collaboration with First Nation communities and other stake-holders to ensure inclusion in the project.