The Digital Economy. The rise of AI and Big data.

Technology has evolved from a business enabler to a critical driver for accelerating growth

We’ve come a long way since the floppy disk, pager, cassette tape and the VCR.

Fast forward to today, a quick review, a click, and an order is placed triggering a series of sequenced supply chain transactions, culminating in a product being delivered to our home or office within days, sometimes hours. The rate of technological advancement continues to grow exponentially with processing speed and power doubling on average every two-years since the 1960s and 70s.

Our team comprises experienced market sector specific technology business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, scientists, technologists and investors, with a passion for technology that improves the quality of life for everyone. 

Whether you’re a new technology start-up looking to attain investor readiness status to secure 1st round funding from a pre-screened investor, or an established 2 stage PET plastic bottle producer interested in implementing manufacturing quality control software, or a hospital requiring an AI led remote patient monitoring system, we have technology professionals with market specific expertise who can help. 

Digital transformation and AI

The digital economy and the rise of AI and big data drives and shapes everything we do, spanning every market and business function, from Lidar for an archaeological field assessment and Telemetry for remote system monitoring of a water supply distribution system to Two stage PET bottle design technology, remote patient monitoring, and Drone surveillance technology for land surveys.

AI and digital could add as much as $2 trillion USD to the global digital economy.

Businesses are looking to strengthen and enhance their digital competencies to improve their competitiveness.

Leading digital technologies include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • IoT
  • Cloud
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity systems
  • Biological countermeasures and delivery systems 

AI is transforming key sectors:

  • Finance to agriculture
  • Food
  • Health care
  • Criminal justice
  • Education
  • Environment

AI applications:

  • Decisions about Finance
  • Risk management 
  • Personalized financial advice
  • Fraud detection and criminal checks and screening 
  • National defense programs
  • Counter intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Cyber security
  • Criminal background checks
  • Medical health
  • Autonomous vehicles

AI and decision making

AI is deployed in making risk smart decisions, with algorithms designed to synthesize information, analyze data, using human insights to improve decision making.

We are connected to the Global Tech Community

We partner with Government Agencies and Regulators, Grant funding Providers, Financial Institutions, Universities and Colleges, as well as Business accelerators, Tech incubators, Tech hubs and Venture capital investors (VCs) to accelerate and advance good cause technologies for the benefit of all and the Environment. We bring additional capabilities supporting new ventures start-ups, mid-stages businesses and scale-ups.

We have particular interest in partnering with Technology centers, Investors and incubation tech-hubs, Universities, Colleges, local and regional Governments and Industry associations.

To such, we offer:

  • A fully integrated program of services to connect investors with new investment opportunities, through the various channels across our networks.
  • A proprietary program, tools, systems and processes for sourcing and prescreening and matching investors with investees. 
  • Investor ready services, valuations, term sheet development and investor partner sourcing for new venture start-ups

  • Scale up services for mid-stage businesses, sourcing strategic partners, develop new markets, secure new clients and exit term strategies 

  • Teaming and facilitation between Universities, Colleges, Government, Industry and Investors. 

Our unique service offerings have been developed and refined from partnering with some of the World’s leading technology communities, Universities and Tech hubs, accelerators and incubation centers.

Investor Opportunity matching

As prerequisite for successful ventures, is ensuring the investor is matched to the right opportunity. This is easier said than done. The process of bringing together these types of partnerships, can be complex, challenging and fraught with difficulty. Our team is well versed in and equipped with modern investment ready methods and processes to help identify, qualify and match the right investor with the right opportunity, and visa-versa.

We offer a fully integrated program of investment ready services, including:

  • Business plan reviews
  • Financial and sales projection forecast verifications
  • Financial risk reviews
  • Business valuations
  • Term sheet development
  • Alpha and Beta market testing
  • Investor sourcing
  • Investor selection and screening
  • Business pitch preparation and rehearsals
  • Closing and negotiation
  • Valuations and exit
  • Soft and Hard Systems Methodology
  • AI Decision systems
  • Medical remote monitoring
  • Value stream mapping and systems design
  • On-line industrial equipment auctions
  • On-line machinery equipment sales
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Drone tech land surveillance
  • Concrete technology and asset management
  • Bio-concrete
  • Biological Material Restoration
  • Telemetry
  • Multi-criteria analysis
  • Bio-logical countermeasures for Oil spills on ice
  • Regulatory Compliance Verification
  • Value Engineering
  • OMS and CRM systems
  • Project Level Conservation
  • Pre-disturbance assessments
  • Project-Level Conservation, Reclamation, and Closure (PLCR&C)
  • Pre-Disturbance Assessment and Conservation & Reclamation (PDA/C&R)
  • Risk Transfer Technology

Technology Projects by Sector

Environmental & WaterEnergy & Clean techIndustrial & ManufacturingGovernment & Transportation InfrastructureMining & REM
Multi-criteria analysis – BC Fish habitat, vegetation, wildlife.Value engineering, TCPL Energy east. River embankment stabilization.Coca-Cola Bottle Deep River Rock design (Ulster)Flood risk data managementSite assessment data collection
GIS/Geo-spatial Fraser River embankmentRoute selection, AESO/Alberta Power transmissionMulti-barrier flexible films technology for food and medical applicationsStructural flood mitigation data managementProject level conservation and reclamation for SAGd and open cast Oil and gas sites data management (PLCRP)
LIDAR ground penetration, Fraser Valley contaminated sitesEnvironmental monitoring during pipeline constructionRecycling plastics film barrier technologyAsset management integrity management system designEquivalent habitat compensation data management
Solar power. BC Housing. Energy security.Bag design technology, bread and chicken bags. FMC bag machines.Bag design technology, bread and chicken bags. FMC bag machines.Flood zone mappingMineral excavation permitting and approvals compliance management
Integrated watershed data management (Interior BC and Southwest Scotland)Soft and hard systems methodology for project decisions2-8 color flexo-graphic films printing technology using (In and out of line)Seismic surveys and studies data managementMineral processing regulatory verification standards data management
Specific at-Risk data management (BC Fish, wildlife, vegetation mapping)Public and stake-holder engagement mapping. Commitments tracker technology.FAS bag production machinery needs analysis (Bag on Roll)Air and noise abatement mappingArcheological site assessment data management
Waste to Energy management technology, Powering project camps and facilitiesPipeline design engineering. Corrosion assessment data managementWindow PVC profile extension production facility. product developmentProject procurement and complianceSite H&S compliance data collection
Contaminated sites characterization data managementPipeline Multi barrier Co-extruded coatings technologyBG Electrical factory online sale.Health and safety regulatory compliance trackingMine closure data assessment process
Climate adaption modelling for Water supply, distribution, and treatmentClimate change modelling in the Oil and gas sectorSide welding bag machine design. Peter Hurst Machinery, Sheffield Steel.Flood defense and risk mitigation risk assessmentMine remediation, restoration and reclamation data management
Line of sight systems management for water supply, distribution and treatmentsSpill response planning data management.Single and two stage bottle trials for HDPE bottles (Medical) NEISI & DEMAGGO-NO-GO risk opportunity assessmentTailings ponds dewing engineering
Water quality management, chlorination and UV technology.Emergency risk management and operations training data management and resourcing planningNetstal Injection blow molding product trialsRisk management systems for Multiple projectsWaste to Energy project development
Water Quality Instrumentation calibration data managementPipeline and Powerline River-crossing integrated data managementPlastics recycling, washing, separation re-processing, re-granulation process design.LRT & BRT route selection criteria assessment, decision supportMining operations system design
Water security systems risk assessment data managementEHS & H&S data management systemsFood production Metal detection process design and system applicationPublic consultation engagement trackingMining water quality data management
Operations Management Systems for Project delivery (DELTEK) Archaeological artifacts mappingOff-shore wind turbine site assessment Site assessment data collectionDeltek Manufacturing Operations data managementMulti—modal systems data managementWater system remote telemetry systems management, design, process and operations

We help our clients identify and implement the best technologies for growth

We help our clients identify and implement the best technology that’s right for their business in the market sector in which they operate. Our market sector specific technology professionals have expertise in design-engineering, environmental engineering, manufacturing & process technology, CRM & Operations management systems, (OMS) Project delivery systems, (PDS) Risk management and Decision support.

Strategic planning decisions

Our team is well versed in developing and implementing technologies needed to manage data and make important strategic, functional and operational decisions, including:

  • Where should the business go?
  • Who will lead the effort? (Skills based assessment modelling)
  • Risk management for Decisions (GO-NO-GO processes to improve design quality)
  • Financial data management. (Financial risk assessment)
  • Market, client, and Project positioning (Where and how to position the firm for success)
  • Multi-functional decision support (Information for Decisions needs analysis)
  • Operations and resourcing planning data management systems and implementation
  • Project delivery and management systems and process design
  • Value stream mapping and lean operations management systems and process design
  • Health and safety performance management, systems and process design
  • Skills competency framework system and process design

Techonology Projects